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Altered function of arcuate leptin receptor expressing neuropeptide Y neurons depending on energy balance
Lee, N. J.; Oraha, J.; Qi, Y.; Enriquez, R. F.; Tasan, R.; Herzog, H.
Molecular Metabolism 76 :101790, 2023 10.1016/j.molmet.2023.101790
Editorial: Decoding checkpoint inhibitor-induced immune-related adverse events, volume II
Burnett, D. L.; Barnet, M. B.; Moxon, A.; Tsang, V.; Samaras, K.
Frontiers in Endocrinology 14 :1317220, 2023 10.3389/fendo.2023.1317220
Beyond gene-disease validity: capturing structured data on inheritance, allelic requirement, disease-relevant variant classes, and disease mechanism for inherited cardiac conditions
Josephs, K. S.; Roberts, A. M.; Theotokis, P.; Walsh, R.; Ostrowski, P. J.; Edwards, M.; Fleming, A.; Thaxton, C.; Roberts, J. D.; Care, M.; Zareba, W.; Adler, A.; Sturm, A. C.; Tadros, R.; Novelli, V.; Owens, E.; Bronicki, L.; Jarinova, O.; Callewaert, B.; Peters, S.; Lumbers, T.; Jordan, E.; Asatryan, B.; Krishnan, N.; Hershberger, R. E.; Chahal, C. A. A.; Landstrom, A. P.; James, C.; McNally, E. M.; Judge, D. P.; van Tintelen, P.; Wilde, A.; Gollob, M.; Ingles, J.; Ware, J. S.
Genome Medicine 15 (1) :86, 2023 10.1186/s13073-023-01246-8
Novel Alzheimer's disease genes and epistasis identified using machine learning GWAS platform
Lundberg, M.; Sng, L. M. F.; Szul, P.; Dunne, R.; Bayat, A.; Burnham, S. C.; Bauer, D. C.; Twine, N. A.
Scientific Reports 13 (1) :17662, 2023 10.1038/s41598-023-44378-y
BRCA-deficient metastatic prostate cancer has an adverse prognosis and distinct genomic phenotype
Fettke, H.; Dai, C.; Kwan, E. M.; Zheng, T.; Du, P.; Ng, N.; Bukczynska, P.; Docanto, M.; Kostos, L.; Foroughi, S.; Brown, S.; Graham, L. K.; Mahon, K.; Horvath, L. G.; Jia, S.; Kohli, M.; Azad, A. A.
EBioMedicine 95 :104738, 2023 10.1016/j.ebiom.2023.104738
An emerging research: the role of hepatocellular carcinoma-derived exosomal circRNAs in the immune microenvironment
Xu, H. Z.; Lin, X. Y.; Xu, Y. X.; Xue, H. B.; Lin, S.; Xu, T. W.
Frontiers in Immunology 14 :1227150, 2023 10.3389/fimmu.2023.1227150
Pharmacological rescue of mitochondrial and neuronal defects in SPG7 hereditary spastic paraplegia patient neurons using high throughput assays
Wali, G.; Li, Y.; Liyanage, E.; Kumar, K. R.; Day, M. L.; Sue, C. M.
Front Neurosci 17 :1231584, 2023 10.3389/fnins.2023.1231584
Phenotypic heterogeneity drives differential disease outcome in a mouse model of triple negative breast cancer
Thankamony, A. P.; Ramkomuth, S.; Ramesh, S. T.; Murali, R.; Chakraborty, P.; Karthikeyan, N.; Varghese, B. A.; Jaikumar, V. S.; Jolly, M. K.; Swarbrick, A.; Nair, R.
Frontiers in Oncology 13 :1230647, 2023 10.3389/fonc.2023.1230647
The Australian Genetic Heart Disease Registry: Protocol for a Data Linkage Study
Butters, A.; Blanch, B.; Kemp-Casey, A.; Do, J.; Yeates, L.; Leslie, F.; Semsarian, C.; Nedkoff, L.; Briffa, T.; Ingles, J.; Sweeting, J.
JMIR Res Protoc 12 :e48636, 2023 10.2196/48636
Novel human pluripotent stem cell-derived hypothalamus organoids demonstrate cellular diversity
Sarrafha, L.; Neavin, D. R.; Parfitt, G. M.; Kruglikov, I. A.; Whitney, K.; Reyes, R.; Coccia, E.; Kareva, T.; Goldman, C.; Tipon, R.; Croft, G.; Crary, J. F.; Powell, J. E.; Blanchard, J.; Ahfeldt, T.
iScience 26 (9) :107525, 2023 10.1016/j.isci.2023.107525
De novo identification of complex traits associated with asthma
Zaied, R. E.; Fadason, T.; O'Sullivan, J. M.
Frontiers in Immunology 14 :1231492, 2023 10.3389/fimmu.2023.1231492
Recent advances microRNAs and metabolic reprogramming in colorectal cancer research
Xiong, B.; Huang, Q.; Zheng, H.; Lin, S.; Xu, J.
Frontiers in Oncology 13 :1165862, 2023 10.3389/fonc.2023.1165862
Phenotypic consequences of a nanophthalmos-associated TMEM98 variant in human and mouse
Hassall, M. M.; Javadiyan, S.; Klebe, S.; Awadalla, M. S.; Sharma, S.; Qassim, A.; White, M.; Thomas, P. Q.; Craig, J. E.; Siggs, O. M.
Scientific Reports 13 (1) :11017, 2023 10.1038/s41598-023-37855-x
Skin immunity in wound healing and cancer
Jakovija, A.; Chtanova, T.
Frontiers in Immunology 14 :1060258, 2023 10.3389/fimmu.2023.1060258
Diagnostic value of mammography density of breast masses by using deep learning
Chen, Q. Q.; Lin, S. T.; Ye, J. Y.; Tong, Y. F.; Lin, S.; Cai, S. Q.
Frontiers in Oncology 13 :1110657, 2023 10.3389/fonc.2023.1110657
Epstein-Barr virus and multiple sclerosis: the dawn of a new age
Phan, T. G.
Clinical & Translational Immunology 12 (6) :e1457, 2023 10.1002/cti2.1457