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High cyclin E1 protein, but not gene amplification, is prognostic for basal-like breast cancer


Basal-like breast cancer (BLBC) has a greater overlap in molecular features with high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) than with other breast cancer subtypes. Similarities include BRCA1 mutation, high frequency of TP53 mutation, and amplification of CCNE1 (encoding the cyclin E1 protein) in 6-34% of cases, and these features can be used to group patients for targeted therapies in clinical trials. In HGSOC, we previously reported two subsets with high levels of cyclin E1: those in which CCNE1 is amplified, have intact homologous recombination (HR), and very poor prognosis; and a CCNE1 non-amplified subset, with more prevalent HR defects. Here, we investigate whether similar subsets are identifiable in BLBC that may allow alignment of patient grouping in clinical trials of agents targeting cyclin E1 overexpression. We examined cyclin E1 protein and CCNE1 amplification in a cohort of 76 BLBCs and validated the findings in additional breast cancer datasets. Compared to HGSOC, CCNE1 amplified BLBC had a lower level of amplification (3.5 versus 5.2 copies) and lower relative cyclin E1 protein, a lack of correlation of amplification with expression, and no association with polyploidy. BLBC with elevated cyclin E1 protein also had prevalent HR defects, and high-level expression of the cyclin E1 deubiquitinase ubiquitin-specific protease 28 (USP28). Using a meta-analysis across multiple studies, we determined that cyclin E1 protein overexpression but not amplification is prognostic in BLBC, while both cyclin E1 overexpression and amplification are prognostic in HGSOC. Overall CCNE1 gene amplification is not equivalent between BLBC and HGSOC. However, high cyclin E1 protein expression can co-occur with HR defects in both BLBC and HGSOC, and is associated with poor prognosis in BLBC.

Type Journal
ISBN 2056-4538 (Electronic) 2056-4538 (Linking)
Authors Aziz, D.; Lee, C.; Chin, V.; Fernandez, K. J.; Phan, Z.; kConFab, Investigators; Group, Aocs Study; Waring, P.; Caldon, C. E.
Publisher Name Journal of Pathology: Clinical Research
Published Date 2022-07-22
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1002/cjp2.269
URL link to publisher's version